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Your data always has a home.

Whether you use online services, spreadsheets or business applications, you and your business generate a lot of data. The challenge is bringing it all together in useful and insightful ways without breaking the bank.

Exponent provides an online, secure way to connect and make sense of your data. Turn existing sources into live feeds. Combine sources to create new views. View real-time results. With Exponent, your data always has a home.

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No data scientist required.

We built Exponent based on the belief that you should not need a data scientist or legions of consultants to make better decisions with your data. We believe everyone should be able to turn data into opportunity.

Exponent provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to connect, analyze and put your data to use in new and useful ways. Whether or not you decide to start wearing a white lab coat is entirely up to you.

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Big results without a big budget.

Most dashboard, business intelligence and data services cost thousands of dollars to get started and require large monthly fees. At Exponent, we don't think you should have to go broke as you strive to make it big.

Exponent allows you to start small and begin connecting your own data sources. Only grow your plan as you grow your usage. We think you will find our pricing is as intutitve as Exponent.

It Starts With A Strong Base

Your data is ready to be raised to the power of you.

No matter where your data comes from, it always has an online home at Exponent. Accessible from any connected device, your data is always on and always ready.
Exponent was built to ensure the safety and security of your data. From login to transmission to storage, we are always in "lock-down" mode.
With Exponent, every cell of data can dream big. Scalable, redundant and ready for growth, Exponent enables you, and your data, to live out your data dreams.
Keep it private, share with others or share with the world, Exponent puts you in charge. Easily allow others to view and contribue or keep it all to yourself.
Data at Exponent is constantly on the go. Live data feeds, triggered events, individual updates, they are all reflected real-time in your data. No refresh button required.
Data Connectors and APIs
We built Exponent because we wanted our data to be free from proprietary interfaces. Data connectors and APIs make getting data in and getting data out simple.